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Piano Players Forever

!!!!Piano Rules!!!!

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Welcome to the Piano Players Forever Community
Feel free to become a member.
You can discuss anything you want about piano/music-related subjects.

Rules: 1. Please treat each other kindly (no flaming, spamming, etc.) or you will suffer the consequences, just BE NICE

2. You can talk about anything piano/music related, and about yourself concerning piano (e.g. interesting songs you have heard, problems with practicing, etc.

3. Anything fun is accepted, pics, mp3s, sheet music scans, curses (if you dearly need to), etc.

4. Please any pictures so the page won't take too long to load. Since, some people have dial-up modems. (no offense) If you don't know how to use lj-cut click here

5. Please tell others about this community.

6. I hope I (aznsun) don't have to kick anyone out of this community.

Welcome to this community
I hope you have a wonderful time.
have fun!